Robo-Penguins by Shivanii Arun

Yup. You saw the title. Robo-Penguins. Awesome, right? As you could have probably have guessed, Robo-Penguins are…robot penguins! Penguins that are robots! However you like Penguins-and-roverto call them, they are very cool. And we’re not the only ones who think that!

The reason that these amazing robots have been created, is to act as spies, in a way. Emperor penguins are extremely shy – so shy that humans cannot go near them without causing them to run away, distraught. However, the robo-penguins are so lifelike, that the emperor penguins allow them to come very close. These robots then send information about the emperors to the scientists.

Experts from the National Centre for Scientific Research in Strasbourg say the odd approach provides “a less invasive and stressful way to collect data on these species”. To find out more on this subject, go to CBBC Newsround, where you can watch a video of the penguins in action.

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